if you look real close

holy is the white frost on grass
drowsily melting into yellow
winter tatter, – bit by tragic bit
playing a phantom “we were here” 
game. a monumental dew.
— is it me? is it you?


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8 thoughts on “if you look real close

  1. WOW! Your timing is uncanny…I’ll have to look when you hit ‘publish’
    This morning, I was out with my camera phone trying to capture the rainbow of crystals the sun had splashed across the grass. I couldn’t capture the rainbow, just the brown grass.
    Turns out that I didn’t need to – you described it here ❤

    1. I love that you capture my wayward thoughts. Thank you! I actually just changed my title this morning to make my thoughts a little more clear, zooming in on the microcosmic. Send me your picture…rainbow on the dew? Wow

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