After all,

fussy words are useless
to morsel-seeking mutts
of lapping tongue,
of crazy joy,
of more & more
out-of-the-oven love,-
but you,-

you already know this.


for Real Toads after Pablo Neruda’s
“Sweetness, Always” poem



  1. I do love poems that speak to me directly and the sentiment is spot on, Angie. I especially love the idea of ‘more & more out-of-the oven love’!

  2. Oh, I’m in love with this!

    (And even though ‘fuzzy’ words would not be good, ‘fussy’ ones are even worse – she said, fussily.)

  3. Great comparison – there is NO reasoning with an over excited dog – and sometimes our concern, aggravation, or whatever you want to call it – fussiness – just needs to be zipped up.

  4. I wish you could see my face and ritual when I read a poem like this.
    Read once through – think of my dog Macy
    Read the comments – oops – metaphor!
    Read second time through – a wry smile lifts at the left corner
    I’m slower than most, but always find a way to get there 🙂

      • LOL! Don’t be disappointed at all! You know that I definitely lack sophistication in the poetry space – sister, I learn from you…that’s art, too ❤

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