January 18 :: Girl at Leaky Window

i’m a dope dealing girl –
but we can risk it
on account of your chest
not feeling so right

got any pockets darlin, –
so i can spill some sugar
from the honey pot bear
i keep atop the fridge

candy explained is
compassion, and don’t
nobody feel like coloring
in the lines today

no judgment sweetie,
just this raw sugar metaphor
to prove you can lick the lion, –
ain’t got no other choice


QKJ #18


6 thoughts on “January 18 :: Girl at Leaky Window

    1. It does require an explanation. The prompt was to start with a lie, include 2 animals, and end with another viable explanation for the lie. Truth be told… Well I was interacting with a first grader at the school who is having the biggest tantrum/crying fest ever over missing her mom… and I gave her a sucker and told her if she got through the day she was going to be stronger, and then she would have her reward. I put it in her back pocket, and my kids told me that I was A creepy candy pusher/dealer. Not sure if what I did was right, but bribes usually work. LOL so does love which is sometimes synonymous with candy. (and I do know that you are a dietitian. Sorry)

      1. I am so happy you shared the backstory. It makes me even more in awe of how you make these connections. LOVE!
        As far as the whole dietitian thingy – you know I’m addicted to sugar, right? It’s why I run 🙂

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