i decided

to come hear you
whisper discreetly in my ear
moments that matter

let dominoes fall
let me keep you
in the hard things

let me fill you
with words that
half way start to bubble

like hope, ~
like something true
will come of my life


a 44 Quadrille for dVerse


33 thoughts on “i decided

  1. I love this:

    “moments that matter”
    “let me keep you
    in the hard things”

    This is exactly what marriage is. Especially that opening, “I decided …”

  2. I suppose we all want someone to “whisper discreetly” in our ears whether that is a lover, a muse or an angel or a God so “something true” will come out of our lives. Nice description of that yearning.

  3. Truly this speaks
    to whispers..
    oF liFe wHeRe
    all is hiGh or low
    with no beauty
    of FeeLinG
    oF dARk and liGht..
    that iS LIFe aLL LiVed..
    And i suppose one can see
    thiS in music..
    of life…
    go farther….
    higher and lower
    lost from nuance

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