Accurate : Jan. 12

The Christmas tree the trash man refuses
to pick up is really starting to piss me off!
As is one of my broken kitchen drawers.

Harold, my former casting director, is drunk
or at least tipsy … his blurry eyes size me
up for the contemptible role of Cinderella.

Harold and his Duchess Barbara may take up
residency in the house at the end of my
cul-de-sac, which just went up on the market.

I’ve trespassed undetected in the living area
to have a look-see at the gorgeous rock work,
the vaulted ceilings, beams, and lamp lights.

The dreamy landscaped backyard, Barbara can’t
even put into words for me as we talk on the porch.
Trash items are tucked beneath my crossed arms.

I act … as if it’s perfectly normal to conceal
detritus … to wear liberated short-shorts
and Converse shoes which help me hop away

In ten feet high bounds in the hopes of landing
in the eruption of one of their yard sprinklers …
But! Buoyed is not written in the script for me,

So I schlepp off two houses … down … down
to my own, only to find that the old dream house
owners strew their throw-aways all over my lawn.

Old soiled carpet, a broken-down baby
crib, and other psychological shrapnel
now block me from leaving my track home.

In the corner of my drive is that despicable
tree still standing a little too indecently
in the can. I look for a prince or a hacksaw.

[a Dream Poem for PAD & submitted to Real Toads]


7 thoughts on “Accurate : Jan. 12

  1. First thought, that nasty lazy trash guy. He is probably the reason for the throw-aways scattering in the lawn. We have trash on T & Fr, then recycling on T and heavy and/or large on Friday. He’d have to take the tree and throw-aways on Friday. Short shorts, I’ve been prisoner to them the past month. Did you miss me? The warden allowed us old, old, Love Boat reruns and everyone on the shows appearing to be under forty was wearing short, shorts. Even the men. I have an old pair, cut-offs, that now seem way too short, maybe indecent.
    This was a fun read Angie, way too much but each line deserves a comment.

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