In a hospital,

near to pass,

Marge calls

Angie ‘an angel,’

and pats with

an age old hand,

Angie’s hand.

A parting,

a re-naming,

a far away swan.

[the letter ‘A’ for Quickly]










18 thoughts on “In a hospital,

      1. PS: Dying to know how you’re doing your wordpress spacing. I had a way I was doing it, and then lo and behold, in the new year I cannot access “old” wordpress format anymore, and so don’t know how to do it (don’t know how to change the color of my font anymore.) So frustrating! I LOVE to play with spacing.

      2. De, it’s as if the heavens themselves opened up! I know what you mean about being able to format text on WordPress. I’m not quite clear how I was able to… Except I went straight to text format instead of visual and clicked on indent more

      3. Indent, like “tab”? (I’m on a Mac.) I have tried everything I know (even in html), and I can’t get anything to work. So frustrated with WordPress. I used to just change my font color to white, and then type as many ellipses as needed. Now I no longer know how to change my font color, even. NEW IS NOT BETTER, PEOPLE. 😦

      1. You know…angels come in all shapes, sizes, and virtues. Who says we have to have white wings and gentle words to make a mark and help someone? Your wings may not be gossamer, but they have certainly lifted me more than once. xo

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