On a small digital camera

that means something, –
I wake up at 50 in a
cryptic body costume
squeezing my soul.
I haven’t done a damned thing
in 20 years.
your wild imaginings, –
we all want the beauty
when the music
doesn’t like us anymore.
-so now you understand
the shoeless, the smokers,
the instantly smitten.
Predators and prey we catch
in one day, – on a small
digital camera.

[an old prompt from Izy at Real Toads
Watch this Leos Carax clip from ➡️Holy Motors]


13 thoughts on “On a small digital camera

  1. Keep your battery charged, Angie. And in the camera when you go out.
    The first part was me, I’m sitting on the edge of the bed, it’s 2:30 in the morning and I’m trying to get sleepy again. Slept since 11:30 in my living room chair, now have brushed teeth and PJ’s on.

      1. from what I’ve read of you ( very thin slice, to be sure) I’m gonna say you’re several steps above the waterline. maybe you dangle in your toes sometimes…

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