Some Panties Never Burn

Tomorrow and Tara are burning to hell,
and Scarlett is adulting now, making me
proud pulling up her big girl panties.
Tonight I’ve seen how a woman can treat
a man, Rhett, tomorrow could have held a
place for you. Tomorrow is a hereafter place,
Rhett. Locusts will sing a retrospect tune,-
a dirge so heavy the whole world’s flame
will pan sear to a flicker. Locust panties
you’ll never deep-fry.

*70 words for Mamma Zen at Real Toads
*tomorrow is my favorite


9 thoughts on “Some Panties Never Burn

  1. My bestie and I laugh and “Play Scarlett” when each one kids has flown from the nest (three between us and counting). “I’ll think it about it tomorrow.”
    Your poem is hopeful and action oriented — perhaps it’s time to pull up our big girl panties, too.

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