“Untitled” (Shake Down)

there’s life beyond this curtain of beads

and who doesn’t know it, these beads are

inflammatory, tendrils of membranes every one

gently confronting the  collective contemplative

asking who will be ephemeral, simple; who’s golden?

so say it for yourself, -that you want to be luminous

and we will let you pass

[a poem for Real Toads based upon the art
of Felix Gonzalez-Torres, “Untitled” (Golden), 1995]


30 thoughts on ““Untitled” (Shake Down)

  1. Beautifully done, Angie. You have a light touch with word play and I like the way the sculpture has been captured by the images in several different ways.

  2. Ephemeral…..and so are the days of our lives! Was just watching a DVD of Mack and Alyssa napping together. Was that just yesterday?

      1. working steady since mid October, with several weeks of 12 to 16 hour days, tends to reduce reading and writing time.

        yours is one of my very favorite blogs – I greatly admire your poetry ~

      2. ha! I think you have a most candid eye, and pen – your pens about life and how you observe it *feel* real. And are written clearly, and cleanly, without pretense. So much out there is contrived; your work is either genuine, or so astonishingly fake as to seem real.


        (I think it’s real.)

      3. I sometimes am bemused when asked or commented, I hope it’s not real, especially when I write process notes, or have a tag that might allude to the (processed) reality that splatters the screen. I mean, is anything we write, ‘real’? More a question for philosophers (as though we aren’t them, as well) but still – yes, real, and you have the pen to make distill it. So thank you…. ~

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