Cyclical Residency

Nobody knows I’m sitting on the hood of my car

beneath this flawless felt of Kansas sky, my purpose

for doing so is unknown; tumultuous. The v-6 engine warms

the backs of my thighs for awhile through my faded jeans.

I am abominable, audacious, evolving into a purpose?

This anonymous road has no marker that I stopped to read.

Later in life I’ll name it crossroads. Later in life I just might

contemplate this girl, sorrowful in night, vehement in starlight

as I sit on the rock I lugged into my backyard from a place;

from I don’t know where, – but there are stars.

{micropoetry for Real Toads}


26 thoughts on “Cyclical Residency

      1. Who cares about those stars? Those far flung diamonds. Warm my own buns with whatever works or throw a proverbial blanket around ’em. Keep a hold of those warm moments for cold nights

      2. Ha ha ha. You are hilario. You’ve got me smiling, big and hard. 🙂 So how do you like your hiney warmed? I personally sleep with a heating pad because it keeps me all toasty-cozy. (I think someone should invent a full-body heating pad. Sure, some might call that a heating blanket. But it’s not exactly what I mean.)
        Plus, fuzzy socks and other bodies.
        For some reason, my brain writes kinky micro-poems all through the night. Sometimes I’ll jot one down early in the morning, but most of them are lost before I get the chance. They do keep me warm, though. 😛

    1. Yeah, girl. Stay on the hood. Let that engine heat your booty. 😛

      In all seriousness, I think she’s a teenager … the speaker, probably this version of you … escaping from the world, responsibility, expectations. She just wants to drive and stay warm. But then there’s the contrast between the then you and the now you … whose ass is cold, damn it. … I miss my car, and teenaged freedom, SO much. Just taking off, picking up friends, or being alone. Whatever. Once you have a husband and kids, it’s all over. And your car is probably really lame, compared to your high school ride.

  1. Oh I love this! I can picture the scene so clearly and the atmosphere just seeps out of the laptop. I like the way the speaker speculates a future contemplation of self and the ending is superb!

  2. You must know how much I love this. It seems that your writing keeps getting richer, and I didn’t think it could be better than it already was.

    I miss those nameless roads and starry skies – though, I do love the loves that currently block my evening view.

    Printing this one off…and setting it next to your “right darkly” one…

    1. Thanks Michelle. This indulgent teenage talk with God came out of nowhere from my memory bank yesterday. Sometimes, it seems we forget so much, then we have these kick in the butt memories that make themselves known once more. I really appreciate your words noting any improvement on my writing. I, like Steinbeck (no comparison, just my admiration), love to write of places.

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