Play Dumb With Me

play dead with me tonight

  like some play footsie

     cavort & do things in the woods

play nice with me tonight

   like some porcelain pleaser

      taking & thanking & thanking

play dumb with me tonight

   like some who don’t know how

    to open their mouths, lift their tongues

play like you mean it tonight

like someone groping blindly

  madly fondling for the dazzling void


[for Poetic Asides & submitted to Real Toads]


17 thoughts on “Play Dumb With Me

  1. This is such a dazzling invocation and invitation, Angie. You remind me of the 4 year old girl who invited my infatuated 3 year old self out to go look for worms in the woods. That last line is absolutely stellar in capturing what we dream could happen.

      1. I get your poetry! Honestly, I feel so unsophisticated in the poetry space, but yours has always spoken to me. I guarantee my husband would be shaking his head 😉

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