The World in the Evening

There is a

time, seconds between

the last light and the dark

stretch ahead, when color

is lost — the girl on her swing

becomes a swift

apparition, black and white

flowing suddenly into night.

  • bits of Rachel Sherwood for RT Pond

13 thoughts on “The World in the Evening

  1. Our stillest points are usually given by others — they teach how to see and know them and let them go in our own work. This bit captures the moment between falling and flying, present and gone. A fleeting immense canvas. Thanks.

  2. This i have experienced and I photographed it and was going to write a poem about it – the beach has a playground (on Lake Michigan) and I have often watched the bursting colors of sunset and watched as my children have swung on the swings and the color slowly fade – silhouettes dark agains a sherbet sky and then all color fades….

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