Ask Your Hostess

To toss or not to toss?
Yes, Sirree, it’s a
full blown salad
so let us go with our
happy illusions
and bragging bits.
Let us -go-lightly with
copping a feel
forcing a six Pence hand
,because of vagina
,because of hombre
,because of a cockamamie
fence. What’s this sloppy
stuff doing on my plate?
I can’t stomach it, –
mor(t)al oppositions.
Dear fellow rednecks,
for(ce)give me. Nasty
women, what more can I say?
I’m starving in these
salad days. Too afraid
to order the meat.

[how this election makes me feel
for Michael at Real Toads]


25 thoughts on “Ask Your Hostess

  1. it’s still stunning to me that the rest of the field behind drumpf was peopled by a coterie straight from Dante’s inferno… while Beezlebub hisself is steps from the launch codes.


    thanks for adding your voice, though, Angie ~

      1. yeah. how the hell did we get here?

        my 2nd (3rd?) cousin’s husband is the poet laureate of Kansas, it turns out. Eric McHenry. great family, great guy, great poet. a human, among the corn.

        I always enjoy your poetry, and regret I have so little time anymore to read, or the temerity or muse to write, much. ~

  2. This is so good! Laughing my booty off. 🙂

    I do think he’s realized that he has to settle down, though. Don’t worry. It’s all gonna be okay. I can feel it.

      1. Confession: I googled to find out if a ballot would still be valid if you abstained from certain parts. I filled mine out, left the first bubble blank…and sent it in. I just couldn’t.

  3. This is filled with relevant commentary, the very matted underbelly exposed.
    sadly, morality is no longer the benchmark it once was. I love your play on words.

      1. turns out, yes, we’re doomed, cuz all that shite he said HRC would do? he did instead. plus he’s a kook

  4. I know how you feel–in fact, I used the salad metaphor myself–everything shredded and tossed together like the dismal, plastic-shielded offerings of a cheap all you throw up buffet–well said, every line. Especially like the hyphenated ‘go-lightly.’ There’s no light going here any more it seems, just a mire of muck.

  5. soundbites and media manipulation have given us quite an election year. Let’s hope the person who is elected rises above low expectations and preconceived notions of who they are – as most people truly like neither candidate.

    What’s this sloppy
    stuff doing on my plate?
    I can’t stomach it, –”

    Defines both candidats IMO.

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