If Only I’d Learned in Kindergarten

Some bunnies are humble
and not every hare
needs to look like mine
…even if the boy’s face is
starting to cry now
…even if the boy’s fingers are
pulling at his own ears now
…throwing himself down now
on the Lego-littered carpet now

Not every bunny needs
to look like my mine
…with one ear up
one laughing ear down
…with a smooth round belly
a fluffy puffy tail.
Not every bunny is created
equal, so do your own work
the teacher voice says
…as I softly sketch him a bunny

for Poetic Asides



  1. As a father of a daughter with severe emotional volatility and sensory processing deficits, I love the poem and the heart of the author.

    • All the 💕 and 🐰🐰to you and your daughter:) Even though I’m sure I was reprimanded in school for doing someone else’s work a time or two, I’d do it again

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