you can almost believe this is writing

even though I’m
it differently
with hairpins
and cleft palates

you can almost
what i’m saying
as i roll out
my rouge stick

in my purse
a peanut
butter cup
will never
get stale

you can almost
know me
if you question
my heavy

Toad’s Tuesday platform


15 thoughts on “you can almost believe this is writing

  1. Short lines, a peanut butter cup (Reese’s?), and a hairpin. And the heavy tongue. Together they make a delightful poem, Angie. One that sets a person into thinking, making them to fit.

  2. My initial thought is crazy, so don’t think I’m loopy.

    In my past life, I was a hospital dietitian and worked with individuals and parents whose children had cleft palates. You captured their communication challenges in a very striking manner – roll out, heavy tongue..I know you were writing about writing…but the literal parts of this work, too.

    I love how you can tell a story (or 2 or 3) in so few words. Amazing.

    1. Michelle, I sat in on an IEP meeting for a student with a cleft palate, so I was being pretty literal as well as figurative. Repetition is the key until his next surgery. Practice, practice, practice just like with anything else

  3. I like the tension you create between words spoken and underlying meaning, the mundane and the artistic. Your opening lines set this up in a brilliant fashion.

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