Half-Thoughts On Time Rushing By While I’m Not Wearing a Sweater

I’m in and out of seasons; a half-wit about most things.
Still unable to dress myself presentably, because I’m just
not into layers, or scarves. They make me feel like I’m trying
too hard. Don’t drink wine for the very same reason.
But I confess when I was contrary in Elks Lodge #1675, –
I turned to the projected light. I sucked in my cheeks
slightly. To be, – startling or statuesque. You can guess.
Half hoping I was half-seen, you called me out on it, –
The December issue of Seventeen. My feathered hair,
bedroom eyes. Where is the record of those years?
For a while, I admit I was a lush. Half-spoken, broken.
You can guess. Truth be told, – there was a time
I was desperately into coffee. Purely for the stimulant.
Not for the company. In truck stops, in casinos, I was
a most social butterfly. The loneliest of them all, –
drifting long and far.
I’m not wearing a sweater and time is zooming.
I know it’s too late to start for home.
I can’t pretend, and suck in my cheeks anymore.

for Real Toads


12 thoughts on “Half-Thoughts On Time Rushing By While I’m Not Wearing a Sweater

  1. I can’t find my sweaters for this season either. My hope is that if we abandon trying too hard, He will clothe us in warm robes of righteousness, that will be the perfect attire for the now. 💛you.

    1. I feel like it was you who noticed me trying to strike a pose for some awards ceremony on the Elks stage which I can’t name now. Awards….clothes….none of it matters. Does it count that one night I had a dream I was wearing a purple sweatshirt? A comfy robe of majesty 👑👚

  2. Oh my goodness…OOMPH!
    You nailed so many layers in this, Angie. I remembered the feathered hair and never being able to get it quite right until I was too old to be wearing it that way. Possibly trying a bit too hard myself.
    “Half hoping I was half seen” – again I say…OOMPH!

      1. Lol! I can NOT do the scarf. I love the look…on someone else. As for being a “good adult,” I already know that you’re a great person.
        Off for my Sunday run ❤️

  3. Oh I do wish for those sweaters now and then — I used to live in them in the north. Not for show, but for comfort… “Dressing up” is so much a part of my performance life that I tend to take little notice on other days….no feathering of the hair anymore, no trendy scarves..No need for living life through that filter. Just be. You. That’s all that’s needed. Thank you for participating in my prompt – love this!

  4. I suppose it is all about why we do things… I love scarves, and do my hair most every day…. for me though, not for anyone else and I think that is the key! I do admit the “duck’ lips and pouts are a far flung thing of the past… if I EVER did them. I know my girls do… 🙂

  5. I remember looking at feathered hair–have no idea how it felt to have it and arrange it. There is good confession here. All the vanities and impulses we allow. What is on the other side? Abstinence? Moderation (too much to hope for or too dull)?

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