Kansas in August

I’m the first born, so I pull chairs into circle formation.
I receive them: daughters, brothers, cousins, forgotten Aunts.
We gather around the punch bowl, chocolates wrapped in gold,
And the Texas sheet cake. Shiny gooey squares sitting on little red plates.
The strawberry slices on top look like hearts, or not,
But we support their 50 bitter and sweet years of marriage.
I pose them, because they never had the chance.
Hand-in-hand, in front of these witnesses
Mom cries through her repeat-after-me vows.
And when the officiant asks what 1 + 1 is
My Dad says “one” just as clear as day.
It’s finally adding up to be something absolute.

A “Plus One” poem for Poetic Asides


8 thoughts on “Kansas in August

    1. I didn’t say anything about me scurrying around like a mad woman before the party, breaking lamps and hiding them in closets! My parents will forgive me. lol Thanks for reading MZ! I think I’ve recovered from all the bug bites and humidity of the Midwest. Our family had fun. Alas, it’s back to work. Have a good weekend.

  1. Loved this! Truly adored the vision you created.

    And, I’m giggling at the irony, too.
    While you were celebrating 50 years in Kansas (in August)…my family was celebrating 50 years in Wyoming (in August).

    Soul sisters from other (Kansas) misters….

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