Infinite Abyss Scene In a Hush-Hush Library

Nothing can hurt me now.
Not people and their poky faces,
Not their happy places, -not their love-
Making-believing, bright eyes.
I’m unwilling. Hungering.
Something so cavernous that
My stomach falls in on itself,
Because I don’t have a frame.
I’m a see-through, – sleepwalker,
A paperback no(body) checks out.
Purposefully irretrievable.

for Real Toads


20 thoughts on “Infinite Abyss Scene In a Hush-Hush Library

  1. I like that it explored the anger and defiance that sometimes comes with being lonely, as well as the hint given of one too many hurts causing the sadness which ofttimes is the seed of that sort of anger.

  2. That’s right–nobody reads me, and I like it that way! I trust the book has a high perch from which to look down on all the foolish human patrons. This reverie is such a delight to read!

      1. Yep…I got up and finished writing something that’s been tickling my brain. I sent it to Christy to proof…and to make sure it didn’t sound like I had been smoking something.

      2. I have been writing for my new class about the history of public school, and those tenses are bugging me too:) It’s not poetry, (APA style) but at least I get to slap a catchy title top and center! “We’ve Come a Long Way Dick and Jane” What do you think? Should there be a comma after ‘Way’?

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