Night Swim (Moon Tan)

You were a mermaid diving at twilight
so pretty. You were so pretty.
Water, – ash pale. Lavender, talc sky.
Water and sky, – as always, amusing.
Over and over. You went up and down.
Hands with fingers, arms, head, torso,
back & legs, -and my nose didn’t fill up
with willow wisps, – those crazy things
flapping for attention over top of the
neighbor’s house. That dead fish,
– deaf, and mute.

“to dream” -for Real Toads


22 thoughts on “Night Swim (Moon Tan)

  1. “Lavender, talc sky”
    I can see it in my mind’s eye – gorgeous. Like a soft filter on a camera lens.
    Where did you see this? Back yard? Ocean? Fish pond? I want to know it all 🙂

    1. The skivvy of it, is that I was so bleary-eyed, stressed out from sitting at my computer all day (applying to go back to school?!), that of course I went back to the same screen again…to look for a poem. Instead, I opened my sash window and watched my daughter swim in our backyard pool. By herself, mind you. After a day in the life of an excited high school freshman, after tennis, after chores, after homework. She still wanted to have some childish fun and do some mermaid dives. She painted her nails white for first day of school, and I was taken by it (though it didn’t show up in my poem). Our 3rd day back to school feels like 3 months. And there’s still that yucky pale peach 2-story house behind us, looking down on us. It’s got an eye out…a screen’s been off from the upper window for years! But there she was, still savoring summer:) Thanks for asking.

      1. The back story on this makes me love it even more. I love how are our kiddos are so unaware of the way they can forever create a memory by just being themselves. So lovely. This makes me want to start writing again. Xoxox

        Wait, what? Back to school ?!?

      2. Wait, what? Write again? lol. And ya, unfortunately to get back into school counseling California requires me to take a specified 2-year program similar to the graduate program I completed (um, 20-something years ago)! Time for me to go back to work full-time. It’s scary to step out in faith financially, as 2 of our kids are in college too. Yikes. Going back

  2. As I read your lines I can see an artist’s impression of the scene – surreal, beautiful and unfathomable.

  3. Am loving this one, Angie. I was there, seeing her swim so beautifully. Our granddaughter loves to play mermaid in our backyard pool, she is seven now. We don’t allow her to be in the water without one of us out there also. So when i’m in the pool with her, often she is the mermaid and I am the merman. I have even learned to swim mermaid style.

      1. Thanks, Angie. I liked your title also, it reminded me of our teenage ‘night (jump over the fence) swims’ way back in our day.

  4. If Prufrock had seen seen all that you see, he’d have had so much a better day. He only thinks he heard the mermaid sing. Here, the mermaid has wonderful features and shows supernal movement. Thank goodness we have such magic in our lives. The real kind.

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