i forgot how
to breathe
plumpness of air,
to stand up &suggest, –
absolutely nothing
at all.
believe me,
it’s sublime, –
light &heavy, –
atmospheric &climactic.
superbly preponderous,

for dVerse Poets


22 thoughts on “Float

  1. Hi Angie ~~ I like the young people ending, “actually”.

    Did you know that your picture above, the you lady with the skirt flying in the breeze, is also all over the Mr. Linky sign in list on the Imaginary Garden page? It is doing what the other one was doing last time. It obliterates most of those who signed in.
    I’d suggest that you go look for yourself, then take it off here. It comes from the link to this blog on ‘Blogroll’ on the left sidebar of the Garden page.

  2. “Plumpness of air” — sigh…makes me so sad that I missed your trip back home. What a fantastic description and I, too am trying to feel floaty. I’ll have to rely on the airplane getting ready to carry me back to Denver…
    I’ve missed your poetry 🙂

    1. Thick, wet air is what I forgot about in Kansas. Humidity does plump up my skin though. Now it’s back to desert dryness, fires and smoke surrounding our area:( I hope to get back on the poetry horse, so to speak this Fall. I missed picking up an autographed copy of your book in person. Where can I buy it?

      1. Don’t buy one! I have a whole box at home. I’ll drop you a copy. Yes- the skin! After shriveling for a week in Wyoming, I didn’t mind dropping a few wrinkles when I got back the the Plains 😉

      2. Your week in Wyoming? That’s where we plan to go next summer. I’ll have to get pointers on where to stay, what to do. Besides gawk at nature. And thanks for the book! I’m willing to pay. Send me a bill:)

      3. Wyoming was amazing! I’m a Wild West girl at heart. I’ll send you some details when I send you the book. Bill?? Are you kidding me? No way. Sista, please! (insert snap and head-bob here)

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