Dear World,

I’ve fallen into a sudden
need for sleep, -deep,

as you are shallow, – though
your usual business burgeons!

I dreamed up stuff you’re made of, –
crushed velvet &petticoats.  Am I right?

I think there should be a call
for sturdier diving boards. Helmets &knee pads,

along with a better photographic angle
-just to get out of bed.

[a missive for Real Toads]


18 thoughts on “Dear World,

  1. It’s hard sometimes, getting out of bed. Thinking of fixes for a bettercworld could take half the morning. My crusade used to be for seat belts for the kids in the school buses. Texas finally came through wit a plan, put them in the new but leave the old alone. Gone was that excuse for not getting up. I will remember that better angle and diving boards for my list. 🙂

  2. “I dreamed up stuff you’re made of” … I adore this line, in particular. This is probably a big reason we suffer; we’re ever making up what we think other people are/should be.

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