Get golden…

Mom used to say,
When women get older
they’ll want a little sparkle.

Now my skin grows thin.
Now I’m turning gray
in my bed.

Nobody ever
really bargains for this,

Everyone’s eye goes
to what sparkles.
Buy jewelry she says

because skin is shallow,
and everything about
box-spring beds
scream slow death.

55 sober words for Real Toads
and submitted to Poetic Asides


25 thoughts on “Get golden…

      1. Ok, so is it more cynical to have a gift of diamonds appraised to confirm its value or to try and pass off cubic zirconia as the rill thang?

  1. Cannot help smiling, thinking (perhaps unfairly) ‘Poor poppet, is she turning 30?’ From my vantage point of 76, I don’t think sparkles are going to help, but neither do I care so much. Meanwhile, it’s beautifully succinct and would very much have resonated with me once upon a time.

    1. I’m appalled at my own pithy self, Rosemary. Will vanity ever die? And I’m creeping on 50…not 30, but I know age is not a number. Love your attitude;) Thanks for caring…or not (even better)

    2. I’m with Rosemary. I’m just grateful to be still breathing, LOL. I never was one for adornments, too late to start now, hee hee. I enjoyed this poem, and the comments too.

  2. Age is a great betrayer of who we once were, yet also a transition into something else–for some, not a good place, but I think, really, it can be one of the best places of all once you make yourself at home there. It kind of has its own sparkles, like finding unexpected stuff inside and not outside, thoughts and not so much feeling–being young is to be swamped in extremes of feelings, and hormones and such, many of which are pretty much delusions. Or so the old hag says, anyway. ;_) I have felt like this poem–50’s are hard, especially at first–a transition time.

  3. I think many of us can relate to these words – it is quite something to come to terms with, this aging process.

  4. Holy cow. I feel your words deep in my old bones.
    Age is a number – they say
    You’re only old as you feel – they say.
    Who are they? They must be in their mid to late 20s 🙂

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