To Conclude

To conclude Angie,
stop your silly guessing
&over-analyzing. All in good time
it will be night, dear.
Your body will be parting.
Sleep; when the time draws near.
Rest your head &whisper, so long!
Perhaps soon there will be a triumph
wordless things.

for Real Toads


25 thoughts on “To Conclude

  1. Haha! The first lines of the internal dialogue could have been straight from my own head..(ditto with the rest).

    I love your phrasing, as always – you say much in few with tremendous style.

      1. Oh yes! That’s it…she sure is. A muse in disguise. And those sunflower booties…spot on.

  2. Perhaps there will be–the great mystery is no one will ever tell us. Your poem flirts with this open-endedness as well as offers a calming note of serenity regardless of outcome–after all, it’s not like it’s a choice, is it?

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