The Past Two Days in Reverse

Bury you under a tree
Remove you from the cardboard box
Why do we love so quickly?
Cry because we can’t save you
Dilated eyes, half a heartbeat
A vet combs through tortoise-shell fur
Taps lightly above each eye
0.8 ounces – A girl!
Try to drink water
Here’s a turkey baster,
Here’s a wet pinky finger
You sleep here on our hearts,
We drown/pick off fleas,
We wash you in Dawn dish soap
-Your eyes are open
We name you Felix or Ophelia
There you are under a tree


6 thoughts on “The Past Two Days in Reverse

  1. We do love these fast and without qualifying. I’m sorry the kitten died. If I were to ask me, would you go through this again? I’d say yes. We respond this way to foundling animals, don’t we? Thank you for taking care of her.

  2. This one made me cry also. I love the way you framed the poem with “under a tree”. And your question grasps the essence of the event. We love quickly because that is all the time we have. This is beautiful.

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