but, or because (of blue wings)

but, or because
i have no instincts
no ambition
i go to school
to find a husband

but, or because
i have no vocation
the boy with 7 habits
of highly effective
people dumps me

but, or because
of the mountain meadow
or his mountain mama praying
he, of all people,
introduces me to you

but, or because
of a sunny valley
a kiss on a hand
a chrysalis lets slip
blue wings

for Real Toads
photo credit Bjorn Rudberg


15 thoughts on “but, or because (of blue wings)

    1. Bjorn’s photo was just so mesmerizing…and my family has been sitting around talking about such things as love, proposals, and weddings among other things on this 3-day vacation.

  1. I love this, Angie. Before I read the poem or saw the photo, I guessed that the subject was a butterfly. I was so pleasantly surprised by the love and romance you wove into this…a full story and a plot twist all tied up with a beautiful blue bow. Loved it!

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