these obsessive thoughts
i can’t explain
i go straight to work
build a house of
magic dust,
mystic mist,
i throw it in the air
or set it sail on time
as a gift,
a sympathetic contact
i can’t explain

for Hannah at Real Toads
inspired by Andy Goldsworthy’s
environmental art


16 thoughts on “Craft

      1. Yes, I really enjoyed that aspect as well…I wrote down this quote from the film, “I’ve shook hands with the place and begun…I always like to touch…you never shake someone’s hand with a glove on.” 🙂

  1. “build a house of magic dust…throw it in the air..set it sail on time..” Creativity abounds in your words, they spilled down the page (or, as it is, screen) — transfixing me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These words capture the artistic urge to create something, be it poem or natural sculpture, which is so hard to explain.

  3. an endless (“obsessive”) process of making a dwelling out of magic and nature, then casting it into an adventure of mystery; I can think of worse occupations–or preoccupations!

  4. I love it, Angie. Well told in a strung out (list) style. A mothering instinct is strong with every female specie that I can bring to memory.

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