these obsessive thoughts
i can’t explain
i go straight to work
build a house of
magic dust,
mystic mist,
i throw it in the air
or set it sail on time
as a gift,
a sympathetic contact
i can’t explain

for Hannah at Real Toads
inspired by Andy Goldsworthy’s
environmental art



  1. Oh!! This just brought such a thrill…what a beautiful depiction of some very memorable pieces of Andy!! Thank you, for writing this and sharing it, Angie. 🙂

    • Art is subjective. Felt with gloved hands, un-gloved hands, or gloves with the fingers cut off. I’m glad you felt this Hannah!

      • Yes, I really enjoyed that aspect as well…I wrote down this quote from the film, “I’ve shook hands with the place and begun…I always like to touch…you never shake someone’s hand with a glove on.” 🙂

  2. “build a house of magic dust…throw it in the air..set it sail on time..” Creativity abounds in your words, they spilled down the page (or, as it is, screen) — transfixing me. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These words capture the artistic urge to create something, be it poem or natural sculpture, which is so hard to explain.

  4. I think I have all those crazy things in the house I’m building, too. Plus random bits of chalk. And string. 😉
    LOVE this.

  5. an endless (“obsessive”) process of making a dwelling out of magic and nature, then casting it into an adventure of mystery; I can think of worse occupations–or preoccupations!

  6. I love it, Angie. Well told in a strung out (list) style. A mothering instinct is strong with every female specie that I can bring to memory.

  7. “to sail on time”…. yes. The sea coming in and sweeping it all away. It was a beautiful video and this poem pays it a fine homage. Even our very own homemaking is temporary…

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