For All

For the immediate attention of
he-roes, aim-ers, conserve-ators,
drought-tolerant planners,
artificial turf contract-ors:
What do I do to achieve happy?
I would enjoy comfort &care
for 5-20 years. Do I qualify?
Be upfront. Be out-of-pocket.
What happens now?

Re-jigged junk mail for Real Toads


9 thoughts on “For All

  1. We moved from our place of 17 years last August and are now getting more junk mail than ever. I hope we are at peak now, it is a lot every day. About a third of it is for travel. Every once and a while we do go some place. They know.
    Is yours for a retirement place? One of my sons bought into a Del Webb. His wife won’t retire for a whole and stayed here with her widowed mother. This is our golfer son, he is really good, a ‘scratch’ golfer and so is playing a lot of golf now. His retirement was due to a ‘squeeze-out’, not really by choice.
    But he is Happy. Do you play golf?

    1. Jim, I’ve never golfed. That’s hard to believe. We’ve been in our place for 15 years and haven’t got a retirement place yet. Still have 3 more college educations to fund. If only I had a green thumb, u’d turn my backyard into an oasis and try to forget everything.

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