Epilogue to a Love Story

Mom used to have sayings.
I wrote some down.
‘That’s a bunch of hooey’ meant she sniffed a fib.
‘Now waiN’t a minute’ meant she was winding up
to a lecture. Or… a spanking.
Were her sleeves pushed up?
That’s how you could tell the difference.
‘I’ll tell you one thing’ was her warm-up
to a litany of other things.
And ‘You’ve got another thing coming’ was usually
her final pittance on a personal stand on any given issue,
generally followed up by a hard chuckle inside her neck
as she’d turn her back on you. Walk away.
All these things are true.
No wive’s tales.
You can also believe her when she says
a full moon makes people do crazy things,
and that her Mom entertained strange men in a
horse trough. The May Pole was some other sort of
shenanigan, just as ridiculous and disdainful.
Lots of dumb bunnies back then. Crazy bat shit.

day 29 NaPoWriMo
for Real Toads


29 thoughts on “Epilogue to a Love Story

  1. My Mother used to say those very things, how well I remember. She seemed to scorn ritual and yet she had her own. Enjoyed your words,,well done for this special month.

  2. Agree with Kerry– your writing has a wonderful voice as is your mother’s. I’ve enjoyed reading your work. (As an aside, you may have a little typo– maybe not– but “where her sleeves pushes up?”).

    Thanks for the great work this month. K.

  3. Endearing, sad, acerbic, and earthy wisdom. The photograph reminds me of the Bremen Town Musicians, which I guess has nothing to do with anything. The poem is adept in citing remembrances.

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