Returning From a Flower Viewing

If you make tea for people returning from a flower viewing, displaying a painting of flowers or birds, or a flower arrangement in the tearoom is inappropriate. – Sen No Rikyu

But, if someone’s strumming a harp’s G-string in a concentrated, concerted effort in the tea room, as if it were a guitar G trying to make out like a mock machine gun, well even this is a luminous labor of afternoon love-making compared to the halting slap-in-the-face from coming in from the out-of-doors fully drenched in leggy flowers, the jazz of bees, pistils and petals, to face a fragmentary and ridiculously pasty-painted landscape some hack thought encompassed all. It cannot encompass all. I’ve just seen the stamen and pistil, for God’s sake.

day 27 for NaPoWriMo
and Real Toads


13 thoughts on “Returning From a Flower Viewing

    1. PS Cannot see how to contact you directly. Would like permission to use this in a feature. Please email me at rosemary dot lifemagic at gmail dot com

  1. This is wickedly clever. I love the play on words, the wry observations. I’m enchanted by the phrase “the jazz of bees, pistils and petals”. That’s a perfect way to describe the auditory as well as visual thrill of the natural world. You did a wonderful job getting to the heart of Sen No Rikyu’s poem.

  2. Hurrah for those who are truly in the flowers with the dirt, the sun, the mist, the bees, and–yes–the “the stamen and pistil.” The whole experience, as a side effect, becomes credibility.

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