Tip of the Day

Push play on the VCR,
forgetting you’re muscle-confused.
Even if your left hamstring becomes hysterical,
thinks it’s an old dog &plays dead, while here it is–
Spring, your window of opportunity
to chase after that bone– think nothing
of freedom, or bones. You just do
the best reverse lying tricep extension you can,
all the while repeating “Don’t hit your head,
Don’t hit your head,” which happens to be the very tip
of the day I highly recommend. Well, there’s that juicy
kibble &bit, besides the obvious– keep pushing play.

day 25 NaPoWriMo
for Poetic Asides


6 thoughts on “Tip of the Day

  1. I never thought this late in my life (52) that I’d like exercising but this reminds me of how I get to go to the gym tonight. Yes, this old dog still likes to play. Good poem.

  2. Good tip. And keep pressing play. Thank goodness, I know what the VCR artifact is. Sorry to hear about “muscle-confused.” I attribute all such confusions to my being a lefty in most things, living in a right-handed world. But you’ll get better as you go.

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