Can You Hear Me, Bard?

It’s a brave new world, Bard,
One is which everyone’s afraid
of having face-to-face conversation,
It’s a faint-hearted world, Bard
& we’ve hawked our oyster for rose
gold iPhones. Cold as fish, we are. Dead
as a doornail, we are. At some point
we vanished into the very thin air
we ourselves beset with transmission,
reception and signal strength,
which, by the way Bard, is always
rampantly poor. And we wonder if
anyone can hear us now? So we tilt
our fancy– but far from free phones
towards the heavens, once reserved
for the gods, but now full of fury,
cell towers and radio waves. We’re
desperate, Bard, to conduct wireless
communication. Ah, we are so close!
Yet, so far from coming full circle.
The world’s a classic case of too much
of a good thing, Bard, for goodness’ sake.

day 23 NaPoWriMo
for Real Toads


21 thoughts on “

  1. So we tilt
    our fancy- but far from free phones
    towards the heavens…

    What an incredible portrait of modern man – so amazingly Shakespearean in his unperceived tragedy.

    Angie, this poem is all I asked for and more. An amazing blend of past and present, in the language of the bard.

    1. This old world, ain’t what she used to be, that’s all I know. Yet she is the same! I can’t “do” Shakespeare (sonnets or the like) so was glad for your latitude in prompting;)

  2. I work with cellular communication at work… and sometimes I’m amazed how much the “modern man” embrace the concept to communicate without having to meet… actually I have noticed how much less we even use the phones to talk… now it’s all about text and images… as if we really only want to be ethered.. Yes Shakespeare would be amazed (yet not).

  3. I’m sure the Bard would shiver with horror were he to return to see today’s community staring at the cell phone to view one of his plays

    Nice!!! write Angie

    much love…

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