Starsky &Hutch

I must have crushed on
light-hearted subplots,
ying &yang TV duos
to comfort my small-
town sleepiness, as it
was an illness.
Laverne &Shirley
at the brewery, in
their basement apartment
with nuisance neighbors
Lenny &Squiggy.
I must have had a crush on
Barney Fife &Sheriff
Taylor, Sonny &Cher
those cheeks, that hair.
Captain &Tennille
singing Muskrat Love,
Fonzie &Ritchie’s,
thumbs-up bromance,
Starsky &Hutch’s
red hot Gran Torino,
and Ponch &Jon
patrolling the Pacific Coast
Highway on motorcycles
shining in the sun,
only &always on routine
traffic enforcement.
I’ve wasted almost all
of my life.

day 22 NaPoWriMo
for Poetic Asides


One thought on “Starsky &Hutch

  1. OMG…I know all of these duos and spent entirely too much time with all of them. You’re forgetting one though. I can’t remember their names – Emergency – Rampart General…the two paramedics. Without fail, we watched that show before church on Saturday nights. Your poems always take me back 🙂

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