All Huge

When I was the elephant,
and you still the man,
my legs reformed stronger
than the old grey siding
on the Butler’s winter barn.
Thicker than I ever imagined,
sturdier, my knees grew,
in the snow, rain and wind.
More reinforced than the trunks
I liked to call your strapping legs.
And it came as somewhat of
a surprise then, this whole
transformation of me becoming
a mammoth pachyderm,
that it should be I
who would eat a whole bag of
green apples, but I did.
I ate the seeds and all,
shoveled ’em in,
not knowing how else
to grow a full round melon
in my stomach, which apparently
was lit like the sun.

day 21 NaPowriMo
for Real Toads


21 thoughts on “All Huge

  1. I have nothing else to say to you, except that every time I come here I am fricking delighted by what i read. This is absolutely no exception.

    coal (Fireblossom)

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