Dreams &Fortune Cookies

Last night I hid my pain
not so secretly in a dream
where we drove off
with only half our children.
I quizzed you. Did you forget
something? &you cooed,
I know, I know.

One of ours was sitting in
the grass. Cross-legged,
currently counting the
ladybug population.
Another was further down
the road, so I couldn’t say
for sure what was happening.


when morning cracked
my bleary eye beyond repair,
I bleated, but spoke it not,
another one’s leaving
us dear &you hummed
I know, I know.

And my subconscious
kept rehearsing scenes,
like the last time she &I
had lunch directly.
She’s struggling to crack
her fortune cookie &mine,
turns out, is empty.

day 20 NaPoWriMo
for Poetic Asides


7 thoughts on “Dreams &Fortune Cookies

  1. This had the perfect logic and detail of a dream, a sad one. Loved, and it’s tough seeing them go off and become adults. Can’t they just stay young for a little while longer?

  2. This hurts my heart in so many ways. I loved the voice of your husband in this, too. He sounds like mine. The way they can seem all knowing and okay with our kiddos leaving–even though they have those empty feeling dreams, too.

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