how do i love her?

how is it, my progeny, a genius, heralded with acceptance
into this prestigious university, stands with me here at the
park and pay while i insert my credit card this way and that?
holding up the village of the calm and collected forming
a well-dressed line behind me? uncool. the car i’ve parked in
stall 4. uncool is the amount of time it takes me to figure
things out: up or down, east or west, housing or campus tour?
how do i love her? i walk an extra mile, schlep up and down
the hills, stop asking extraneous questions, give her my free
cupcake, buy her lunch and an ice cream for the drive home.
i tell her, without reservation, that she’ll be the one to find
her way here. that’s how she knows i love her. i love her.

day 19 for NaPoWriMo
Poetic Asides &Toads


20 thoughts on “how do i love her?

  1. Oh, I think I have something in my eye. Sniff.
    Especially the ice cream and that last “i love her.”

  2. What a tribute. Diminutive detail, all dear, merge with the larger questions and claims to become the material for building this marvelous paean. As a once and future college teacher, I think it behooves professor-folk to remember the substance and story each learner is. If I had an office door, I’d ask to place this on it.

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