Postcards From the Garden of Hermit and Home

Some super light heavy reading
From: Mom in the middle of Ks.

A cow’s sticking out its tongue
“Who needs a beach?” I swear it

I could feel the spittle from
The 1,500 miles I was away

Why on Earth… I could hear her,
Was I way out there in California?

It could fall off into the ocean
At any time (According to Grandma)

I don’t write back. Not for spite,
But because I’m entertaining

A newfound idea of becoming a mermaid
(That’ll be something to write home about)

day 14 NaPoWriMo
for Real Toads


18 thoughts on “Postcards From the Garden of Hermit and Home

  1. You’ve done it again – captured a deeper layer and the complications of the mother-daughter relationship. I’m heading back home to mine this evening (cows and all)–your California is my Topeka and I’m the bad daughter because I make the three-hour drive home only once/year.
    “I could feel the spittle”….Oomph!

  2. I absolutely adore your title… and the contents of the poem strike a chord, for sure, even now when my grandma and mom are both deceased.

  3. That’s where mermaids are made, I’m sure. That will give rationale for life so far away, though the news will still be troubling back home. But you’ll be ready when Grandma’s coast prediction is realized.

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