Words for Michael

the spaghetti strap tank top —
with the rose on the front —
like all the young girls
were wearing — was your idea

it hung in our closet —
between patterned polyester
blouses with increased sleeves —
for who knows how long

i’d never go sleeveless
in public — never wear a
bathing suit for any eye
to see — for that matter either

so it was i suffered
your gifts — decreased them
until I could say —
you don’t dress me —

i’ll wear what i damn well
please — &how much do you
want to bet — that my arms
and ass will be covered?

day 8 NaPoWriMo
for Real Toads


28 thoughts on “Words for Michael

  1. The struggle to keep the Self in a relationship. “so it was i suffered
    your gifts” Closed yet open, two but one. Tough work. I really connected with this one.

  2. Ha, me, too, I am all wolf t-shirts, while my sister thinks I should be trailing long scarves to hide my thyroid neck. Not gonna happen, says wolf woman. LOL. I could never pull it off anyway. I’d likely trip on it and garotte myself.

  3. Good for you! It’s never easy to be ourselves in the manner of our dress. (or other ways also) It’s an arena where snakes abound. It takes courage to stand on our own. Well done.

      1. I just don’t see how you do it! My prose has gotten shorter over the years. My attempts at poetry are short, but they still don’t say as much. I am learning from you!!

      2. Well it’s about time I got invited to your hidden diaries:) I will read it later because I’m packing up the house for another beach trip. Thanks for giving me reading for the road.

  4. Ok Michael. You’d better hear this message so well stated. No room for compromise here. This woman is very strong. She’ll tell you what she thinks, what she’ll do and say.

  5. hey! oh. well, Michael’s are everywhere, it turns out – neither angels nor demons, but, oftentimes, just lascivious fools. ~

  6. Nothing more imprisoning than the perception of a man’s too-inquisitive gaze. Actaeon got his dogs turned on him by Artemis for peeking into her bath, yet the rage against violation was hers. Inside the feminist liberation of this tale, the greater one comes when we free ourselves from ourselves, and reveal what and when we will … like here. Michael figuratively was the eternal boatman, but there’s something to be said that this figure helped you find your own way across the waters.

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