I Envy You

stranger to
this world

sunfish, moonshine
swirling dreams

turning clockwise

you’ll never
turn into me

day 6 NaPoWriMo
with Real Toads


21 thoughts on “I Envy You

  1. Such pithy brilliance here, angie.
    I especially like:
    “sunfish, moonshine
    swirling dreams”

    Are you old enough to remember Jane’s Addiction? That stanza reminds me a little of their lyrics…”yellow buttercup, helicopter, orange buttercat chasing after the crazy feeling about somebody, oh…) 😉

    {It seems they had a penchant for compound words, too.}

  2. I am always gobsmacked when iI come here at how well you dance with words, so that as with every successful choreography, we see only the beauty of the dance, the movement and the symbols it carries.This has a lot of wistfulness to it for me, but also a calm, at the end.

    1. I’m flattered. This choreography of words came from a place of not having any! Thank goodness for word lists. I love that you visited and left such a nice comment too!

  3. Ah, what a sublime piece. The compound words enhance the theme and movement without overwhelming the senses.

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