37C-2 Antartica

I’ve harnessed myself ridiculously to this world,
bought some no-sand spackling, and laid 0ut a tarp.
I will not be a fool again, mixing paints for four
sister walls, only to be left with no match for touch-
ups. Because you know damn well someone always leaves
a mark, or wants to re-hang art in a new, inventive way.
So this time I’ll let my hands mix only all whites
in a can. White is white– is white, & it’s just a primer.
This way the blue can be pure. Every wall blue, every
time. And like Van Gogh. And like Michelangelo, I’ll paint
my Sistine chapel Antartica 37C-2. And when I’m chipping
eggshells off my elbows and hands in the shower, I’ll
notice how rare a really beautiful hand is now, you know,
since the harp and Sistine chapels have gone out of fashion.

**kicking off National Poetry Month**
Day 1 at Real Toads


22 thoughts on “37C-2 Antartica

  1. It is hard to match white paints, I believe. I love the name of this paint – Antartica, with an emphasis on the ART.

  2. Fun, fun with the paint brush. Only painting walls is a no-think task. Make up for it by doing a ceiling scene, Sistine Chapel type. We had to paint several nicely walls because the paint company changed the formula for what we had used before and the new didn’t match the old.

  3. I was hoping it would be a paint color. 🙂 And then I loved where it took me.
    Happy April Poeming! I’ll be reading, even when I don’t take the time to comment. You come to my email inbox, a daily gift. 🙂

      1. Then they shall be surprise, sporadic gifts I won’t know are coming. Even better. 😉
        Happy campus visiting and college hunting. My son starts high school next year, and I’m already overwhelmed by that. Whew. It all goes so fast.

  4. Hands of beauty to play and paint. And pull off eggshells with the help of water. Sistine chapels are not our responsibility to cover (besides, there’s already one of them). But painting our own surfaces is. Thanks for reminding us aesthetics might reside anywhere.

  5. What a great meditation and mediation in white, Angie … Something about white walls reminds me of pure white pages (or digital voids) waiting to be filed, dirtied with speech. The colder white the better.

  6. Loved this, Angie! When it’s time to paint, my husband wants me to hire someone. I prefer the process, the strokes and even love peeling off the chips in the shower. Out of my hair? That’s a different story 🙂
    Gorgeous imagery.
    I see above that you’re knee-deep in campus visits. Holding you in my heart – I know it’s a bittersweet time. xo

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