One Day

Don’t trust the shadows,
Michael. The faces of all
our old friend’s are
peeling on Kodak paper.
Half truth: our identity
has fallen into the ocean
of youth, and evidently we’ve
lost our rowing muscle, Michael.
But we’re here now. Fifty years
sharper, leaning into the echo:
One day you’re going to marry him

for Real Toads


23 thoughts on “One Day

  1. Hey Angie–I felt Michael rowing the boat ashore here–there’s a kind of ambiguity for me, as I focus a great deal on punctuation–I realized after a few readings, that it is the echo of a line about the speaker marrying michael, perhaps fifty years before–but it could also be someone speaking to a gay Michael,–who will marry him–who has certainly had a long row getting to that point, and through the loss of many friends. So, interesting—and the ambiguity was fine with me–k.

    1. That’s funny you mention ambiguity! My daughter was chiding me as I began writing that she never understands my poems, and wonders if anyone can? Humph. I either need to write more clearly, or embrace the gray as you have.

      1. It depends what you want. I think if you used italics for the last line, and maybe a colon in the line before to introduce it, the meaning that it was an echo of old dialog would be clearer. I honestly did not read it that way at first, at all, till seeing the comments. But I tend to rely a great deal on punctuation. Many people don’t or don’t like to use it very specifically–what happens to me sometimes is if they don’t use a punctual cue, I miss what they are getting at–but I am unusual I think in that kind of focus. k.

  2. Shadows, echoes, oceans, places where one’s image gets mixed up or blurred. Fifty years later, the image is different from the ones in the peeling photos. I really like this, with its ambiguities. It allows me to create my own meaning.
    If this is saying you’re celebrating 50 years, congratulations! My folks celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary a few months ago and I am about to turn 50. 🙂

    1. I’m nearing 50 myself, and my parents just celebrated their 50th Anniversary yesterday:) They wed in my birth month. I guess March is as good a time as any to join in Holy Matrimony. Happy Easter to you tomorrow, Marian.

  3. Faces “peeling on Kodak paper.” Terrific metaphor. Ocean and “rowing muscle.” Telling figurative crafting. Great, long thought and feeling are evoked here.

  4. I got a similar feeling of ambiguity, but I also got that bit of a shivery feeling of wonder when I think about the surprising way life plays out sometimes.

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