Wife of Flesh

i melt words
lodged in the back
of my throat,
because who will

i melt a half dozen
words: sour bread,
slaughtered children,
cattle, dead

i dissolve
bitter pains
and hard sayings

i am melting
to nothing;
my God, why
harden my heart?

for dVerse


10 thoughts on “Wife of Flesh

  1. I like your opening verse but it’s sad that words have to melt in the throat because who will understand if they’re actually said. This is a tough one…life can be tough.

  2. So interesting I’d read this today – I almost missed it. I’m doing some reading and “work” around being a Proverb 31 wife. It’s a beautiful passage, but even as I read it I wonder, “Who IS this perfect Proverb 31 wife?” and then I lament because I’m probably more like Lot’s wife on most days. “I melt words in the back of my throat.” So good. Your diversity of subject and they way you express it is amazing!

  3. The imagery, especially in the second stanza, brings to mind Picasso’s Guernica. This work is, like that one, intense. In Christian scripture, hardening of the heart is always an enormous reality. Such evocative work, Angie.

  4. Sadly.. greaTest control
    humans have over
    others iS finding
    ways to harden
    from head
    to toe
    to Loved
    ones near
    to cut tHeir
    oF heARt iN fEars..
    saDDer.. perHaps noW
    are those who have
    opportunities to
    Love as
    iT iN spOils oF
    Plenty Soils Free..:)

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