You Talk Like This When You Get Old

emphysema, bronchitis?
excuse me, i could use
a water over here

which one’s the
unproductive cough?

pretty sure i’ve developed

why would i go
to a doctor?

that’d be like
sizzling bacon
on a griddle
in the nude

don’t know where
it’s going to hurt

you just know
damn well it will

waiter? that water?

[55 regular words for Toads]


29 thoughts on “You Talk Like This When You Get Old

  1. Not naked, Angie, but you should have seen Mrs. Jim trying to get ‘red sauce’ for her boiled crawfish for after church lunch. They brought her some stuff in a little dish that was rusty red. When she tried to dunk it didn’t soak in, turns out they had brought powdered red cyan pepper. Sent it back after telling she had meant seafood or shrimp sauce; when the waitress returned she said they didn’t have any and had brought tarter sauce this time. But she had gotten some of the powder on her fingers and so when we got home she burned her eye taking off a contact lens. She found out that it was her eye that hurt. (She got it out and cooled pretty good after I reminded her about how she had learned from Chemistry class how to wash a dangerous chemical from her eyes.)

  2. This sounds a bit like my mother, and a bit like my late father. Me, not so much, although I’m not young and I do have diabetes. I’d be happy to go to the doctor regularly, as I have a crappy, third rate endocrine system that needs monitoring. However, lack of funds and my nation’s lousy health system are determined that I need to dip into savings I don’t have in order to pay for insurance that doesn’t cover what I need. That’s this particular curmudgeon’s beef!

    Appreciated your poem, though. 🙂

    Cie from poetryofthenetherworld dot blogspot dot com

    1. I know health care is not what it should be and I’m sorry you have to dip into savings to pay for it! I wrote this about my brother, who was just extremely overworked and hungry!! He has no reason to complain

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