Open Whitest Bell in a Snap

it’s the
the kind of work
(the girl explains
to the boy)
that must be done

it’s the kind of work
where eyeseyes
are on the appearing
of a fine paper
white bell
(a hijinks for
parent’s 13th)

must jinx mom’s
vindictive teeth
(the girl says)

with the softest whitest
bell that opens like
(like this)

we must hang it prettily
enough in the living
room archway
like mistletoe

hijinks, jinx
explain, explained
they won’t fight about
that, that alone

get the scotch
instant tape
we don’t want to leave
a mark

like the,
like hers

for Real Toads


20 thoughts on “Open Whitest Bell in a Snap

  1. A super sweet poem to me, Angie. I rember learning that lesson, sooo nice and tender. Seems by playing dumb I could learn it again, different time, different place. Always sweet and tender, not quite like the first.

  2. Such a lovely sense of joyful preparations to celebrate a 13th… with some fingers crossed against disaster.

  3. I like the unspoken subtext, the happy festivities on top, but a few allusion to teeth and marks that hint at a possible less festive back-story………or maybe I am just reading things into it. Made me think , anyway, always a good thing. Smiles.

  4. White bell is festive, though there are vicious points of legacy. Like Christmas trees for many, I guess the bell has all the joys and issues of an obligatory tradition. Thanks for showing (teaching) this.

    1. The voice here is my 11-year-old one talking my Irish twin brother on the occasion of our parents 13th Anniversary. They are having a 50th soon. I’m thinking about how to celebrate with more than a paper bell and crayon poster 😍😉

      1. We probably will, too! In fact, we are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary behind the Royal’s dug out at Target field in Minnesota. I feel like a tiara might be in order 😉

  5. This has some pure and dark threads woven here, intimate (so much that some of the language is code, unexplained, an inside family joke) and raw. A child would think they could save their parents’ marriage; they often also take fault for all that’s wrong. The white paper bell is perfect as what the heart should be.

  6. I am interested that the Comments emphasize the sweetness of the poem as it is sweet but I thought quite dark and sad really. I could see the tape and the care and the not wanting to be an object of anger and past anger. Well done. K.

    1. I am beginning to become less anxious about everybody’s interpretations of my poems, (some are very entertaining ), but yours is in line with my original intent and this makes me know my feelings connected.

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