read me a vine.
I’m learning nothing
from hysteria
inherited from
blood transfusion.
gene transmission.
I’ll be a good lilac
and accidentally listen.
Surely, bent
dark and light,
history and invention,
food and delicious
song. Wisteria,
tell me a vine,
orthodox and startling.
I’m naive enough
to believe love
is a sugar that

for Real Toads


17 thoughts on “Wisteria,

  1. “I’m naive enough
    to believe love
    is a sugar that

    I can’t say I understand it on a literal level, but more as a visceral plea for help. Great words here.

      1. Sugar is crystalline, and so sugar shines.

        The meaning of flowers in lore, classic (so-called) understanding of the origin of certain diseases–and entirely new ways to see and touch and feel these. What wondrous bridging. Thanks!

      2. I don’t have a PhD, though I did study for one. After several years and feel tired and frustrated, I went back to work, mostly as an educator. Thank you for asking. And for your comments, which I find encouraging. Mostly, thank you for your verse.

  2. Ah, the wistful song of the troubled flower child who hangs out in Lala Land.
    And yes, I believe that “love is a sugar that shines.”

  3. What a beautiful tumble of white blooms – so unique. As is your poetry. I really like the way you have approached the subject here. It is so creative.

  4. There is so much to love here. I often lament that I’m not sophisticated enough to understand poetry, much less write it. But, sometimes you want to write beautiful words and invoke a feeling of something. Then, you take it the next level and make it relevant to a reader – in such a way that we don’t know why…we just know there’s something in here about us.
    OMG…one of my favorites.

      1. But, you know that they were more than pretty words, right? Every time I see wisteria or lilacs, it just feels like they have something to say. Your poem captured that feeling closer than anything I’ve read.

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