12/11/2013 08:26am

in between
the promises
of your mint green Bible
a Starbuck’s receipt

i’m looking at it
tall chai tea latte

spring’s heating up
inside my long sleeves
&i’m uncomfortable

did you know you missed
the 40% savings
on cranberry bliss bars?

six more months
&you will be gone
so i tuck your future ghost

this willowy letter
inside my journal
stamped with a younger time

{for my Delaney,
voted most likely
to succeed in her
senior class}


13 thoughts on “12/11/2013 08:26am

  1. Sorry the sale was missed. Kidding! You and Delaney embarking on a journey, an adventure with many parts. At least mindfulness and remembrance accompany. (My nephew is a college junior; I was talking with his mother, my sister, yesterday, observing that in a year Joseph will be completing his college time; what happens next?–we do not know.) Thank you!

  2. Oh my goodness…this makes me well up with tears. I get it…I so get it.
    My girl graduates from college this May…I still cry at the apricots in the supermarket. The first weekend after she left, I went to buy them and realized she was the only one who ever ate them. I haven’t bought apricots in 4 years.
    Joyful and bittersweet all at once. Beautiful.

  3. Cherish these days, they flow by like an unforgiving river. Great job from Moskowitz, voted Most Likely to Become A Used Car Salesman from his hateful senior class.

      1. Sadly, no, it’s true. There were some who liked me in high school – the other misfits and strange ducks. The popular kids, the affluent kids, the white kids, mostly didn’t like me. A college-bound Mexican who won a national writing competition at 17 inspired mostly cognitive dissonance in my football-loving, beer swilling peers. I saw pix from our 30 year HS reunion, and (no hyperbole) I broke out into a cold sweat. Ah, memories! – Mosk

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