Some Things Stick With You

Soap bubbles.
As a child, I shoveled them
into sequined mountains &
breathed them in. They always
gob-smacked me with rainbow-
lick kisses! As did the Colorado
River, rushing downstream through
that fabulously failed summer
I thought I’d stay. Work
in that German cafe.
Soap bubbles.

44 words for dVerse


16 thoughts on “Some Things Stick With You

  1. LOL 🙂 Seems like a long time ago, but isn’t amazing how our memory still serves us with a little giggle about our childhood and soap bubble? I just found you website 🙂 I started blogging in January, so I invite you to stop by website and if interested follow me back. Supporting others on this site is so important as we all work together to encourage others:)

  2. my mom used to have Lawrence Welk on the TV Saturday afternoons, loud in the living room so she could hear in the kitchen as she made dinner, and they’d have those bubbles on the screen. thanks for taking me back… ~

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