Monk-e Chatter

squee! squee!
i like-e, i like-e
e-clairs (&

parent the-seas
“take a knee”

and dog-ear this
> fear god <
go easy

feed your dog
cactus leaves
sleeves of ice

or pinnacle?
be logical

(feed your dog
a pineapple)

that’s the end
of the matter

[for Shawna and Real Toads]


37 thoughts on “Monk-e Chatter

  1. ‘Feed the dog’ inspiration
    “take a knee” feed your dog
    Prayer in need, prayer indeed.

    I like it Angie, reminds of the song about puppy dog tails. 🙂

  2. The letter “e” always makes me think of electronic interactions, like e-mail. So I think you mean that you are more comfortable in your online world than your “real world.” Or better said, that your real world IS your online world … the rest of it, you’re just tied to because of your body. 🙂

    Who is this Claire? She must be very special to you! All of those Claires, actually. This is just code for your online girlfriends who are totally “there” for you when you really need them.

    “parent-he sees” … Ooh, who’s your daddy?! 😉

    I love that second stanza. Also the “feed your dog” stanza. There are so many ways to twist that around into different meanings. I see “leaves” as a verb. If you feed your dog (whatever that might represent), then your cactus is going to leave. You can’t have both, it seems. And when your cactus leaves you, he’s going to do it by turning his shirt-sleeves into ice.

    “heretical” = here a tickle

    pinnacle = pine AC lay … that’s when you’re so hot from pining for someone that all you can do is lay yourself down on the bed (and still-be a “log-i-see-all”) 😛

    I love that clever ending. We are matter. Everything. So if you lose your “cactus man,” then everything in your world will end.

    Or something else entirely. 😉

    1. Shawna, it’s amazing to me how much you put into everyone else’s work. How do you have brain space for this? Your prompt was fun, and your reply is more fun. I feel kind of like you’re reading palms instead of poems, and I’m standing in line thinking read mine, read mine:) 🖐🏻🤗

      1. This is my true “work” — reading people/poems/palms. This is how you do it, tarot or whatever: you observe and think. Anyone could probably do it; you just have to really tune it. Then you just lead people to see their truth. It’s right there in their lap; they just need a little coaxing. But you can only do it if you’re a casual observer; if you’re really close to the person, you’re likely going to get it all wrong. That’s been my experience, anyway.

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