Why She’s Sky

She’s ‘Sky’ not because
She has blue eyes. They’re brown.
She’s Sky because we threw out
Daisy, Lucy, Goldie and Noel.
She came to us fresh and clean,
A snowflake from heaven,
And that’s why she’s Sky.
Well, there’s that. And also
Skylar Diggins, the Notre Dame
Basketball player hubby thought
Was great. But I never met her…
Skylar Diggins. And she never
Met my dog Sky, fallen fresh
From the blue heaven of mid-July.


16 thoughts on “Why She’s Sky

  1. OMG…I have goose bumps! Of course there could be no other perfect name for Sky. She is gorgeous and so are your words describing her. My heart is full of love and happiness right now. Thank you, Angie!!!

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