for Real Toads
ala ee cummings

30 thoughts on “Blackbird

  1. So if I read it straight through, the way my brain tells me to do it, I see something like “one, one, one, one (lonely/only) bleak, black bird on a pole.” But I think all those ones add up to several, who just feel alone. And I think the birds represent girls on a pole … stripping.

    Also, “a pole” backwards is very close to “elope,” but not close enough. So I’m picturing the hope that one of their customers will fall in love with them and take them away from this … but it’s all just one letter short of actually happening.

  2. If I may allow the first (l) as the bird, then the shape of the poem shows the shape of the pole with the light and light case on top. Room for the bird, as in the photo. I appreciate that touch of comfort for one of nature’s sentinels. Thanks!

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