A Sonnet With Socks In It

You want a sonnet? Okay…only if
in making, I can bake it like a pie
with everything on it. I’d take a sniff,
add chicken, maybe tuna. Don’t ask why.
To further break up the ceiling of sky,
I’d throw in your socks &two rocking chairs,
the Walker’s small dog, and one butterfly…
and if it would fit there—a flight of stairs.
How about a frog, or some dirty pears?
Think & think. Sonnets too, want something new.
An Empress penguin?? Ignoring your stares,
I’d huff/puff this sonnet with a kazoo.
Imagination is all this thing needs,
So while I’m at it, here’s some birds &bees.


14 thoughts on “A Sonnet With Socks In It

  1. I laughed on first reading, because this is so smart and clever. You dare to write a sonnet, as a challenge, and bake it, like twenty-four black birds, into a pie. (A more pleasant apple pie.) I think my favorite part is, as noted by theinnerzone, “Sonnets too, need something new.” And then recommending a penguin. Thanks!

  2. A round of applause from me.. This may be the best sonnet treatment I’ve seen in a while. I read it with growing smile on my face.

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